Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Think or Act Naturally?

When we get educated, what happens? We become logical, smart, and start taking decisions thro' a conventional and time tested thaught process. We reason with the knowledge education gave us, and what we do by this; we do things the way are acceptable, if not the best, according to the cumulative consciousness of humankind. We start to act smart.

But when a person is not educated, or is not depending upon his or her pre-installed logic and values, what does he or she do? They entirely depend on their intuition or natural reflex to take decisions.
I am now kinda ok with both ways, nowadays. Because,  I have seen, those people who are not so-called educated, and they always use their natural instinct to make decisions, however illogical it may seem, since a very young age, their intuition becomes much effective and correct, as compared to educated and conscious people.

Its because they practice that skill all throughout their lives, and when one tries one thing so much, he or she is bound to be good in that.

I consider myself to be one of the logical types, and I do try to remain one, but I have had so many experiences with the other kind, I have come to such a stage that now I really respect the powers of not using the brain and logical thinking at all.

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