Wednesday, January 22, 2020

The reasons why I hate snakes;

1. It doesn't have a brain, however, it gives final judgment of life or death to anyone it wants.

2. It can't see properly, it thinks everything small is food, everything big is an enemy.

3. Though it has a physical spine, that is practically useless, it can twist and turn itself the way situation needs.

4. It is exceptionally silent, a stealth predator

5. It stays in places u least want it to stay, maybe in ur bedroom. But if u go there, he kills u instantly.

6. Its bite is fatal, but the victim hardly has the time to react, even feel the pain. It doesn't give u scope or chance to justify urself.

7. Its is so scared of everything that it bites u, even if u were there to help it, or u r just an innocent toddler playing in the garden.

8. It is always hiding from the public eye.

9. It can open it's mouth as much it wants, so mostly bites more than it can swallow

10. Given a ladder, it can climb very high.

Now the fact is that I am more or less OK with the real snakes, despite having so many drawbacks, it helps in maintaining ecological balance, and sometimes in controlling population too
My problem is with the snake-like people.

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