Monday, December 18, 2017

= A Marigold Ode : মনোজ নেওগৰ 'মাৰীগল্ডৰ কবিতা' ৰ ইংৰাজী অনুবাদ=

Words are riddles of a rootless forest …
Reverberations of foggy tranquillity..
In the last rendezvous –
when I searched the sack, asking “Did you bring me happiness?”  
I found a pack of marigold.

Even though I knew the answer- I asked -“for whom”
“In case I am hungry as I walk” – she smiled
Such a compelling smile!
I don’t remember which story she wanted to tell in the tale of her quiet gaze …
There was a Magazine full of bullets in the sack;
Nah.. it was a pack of Marigold,
A heart-full of breath for a lucky one, among the millions of  hungry mouths,
No  .. Just a pack of marigold.

There was my love, there was your repugnance;
There was a joke life made on the helpless mass,
Not at all… there was a pack of marigold.
In the name of a story,
Two marigold biscuits and a cup of tea;
A new found love of mine! 

(NB:- Marigold is a popular diet biscuit brand) 

Original By Manoj Neog 

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