Thursday, February 18, 2016


My definition of Freedom (including freedom of speech). among other things, DOESN'T include the following, 

- You can morph videos/audios to establish that someone is A CRIMINAL

- You can keep on saying whatever you want, publicly, even if it creates SOCIAL NUISANCE

- You can publicly deface anyone you wish, irrespective of whether he/she is genuinely at fault or not. 

- You can challenge/jeopardize the solidarity and integrity of YOUR COUNTRY , but still can take advantage of the facilities provided to you

- You can force others to follow your IDEOLOGY or RELIGION, even if they have other ideas

- You can manipulate people of lesser intelligence than you

- You can make dirty MMS with someone in love with you and circulate it in Whats App

- You can cheat 

- You can lie

- You can borrow money from people and then change your phone number

- You can discourage young talents, who are potential threats to your business 

Meanwhile - in my consideration, the following is an absolute freedom 

- You can block and report me(or others) in FB, anytime you WANT or LIKE

- You can share this post, if you agree to it(Added by Diganta Das)

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