Friday, July 1, 2011

The School Bag

Throughout the decade of my married life, Poly has served two of  a wife’s duties very well. One, being the punch-bag of all my  gender jokes and two, being the guinea pig of my crazy little experiments. My daughter has a very very important test tomorrow,   because the marks will carry to her finals. As usual, she felt very sleepy at 6 O'clock in the evening  and went to bed. It is normally a challenge for both of us to put her into bed, unless she has an exam on the next day.  Anyways, after ages ,  Poly and me, were alone, seemingly having nothing to do, cause the  chicken curry in the Lunch was decided to be brought forward to Dinner. Poly was visibly upset and tensed because we are sure Jiya won’t be able to write a single sentence in the test. So we tried to do some Root Cause Analysis of Jiya’s total non-interest in  studies  and her self- destructing habit  of playing all the time.  The burning proof of her under-performance is that she scored just a petty  95 %  in her last annuals , when her friends are comfortably ahead of her with 98-99%. Jiya is already six years old and she had been  to school for last four years almost. Its obvious that she still doesn’t like to go to school, look at the expression in her face when she is told that ‘tomorrow is a holiday’. But!!!!!!!