Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Corruption and Me

Hi friends. Hope you are the prime of ur health and Happiness.
Well. with a lot of interest I have been watching the recent developments all over India, people are getting aware and coming out to protest against corruption. Corruption is eating us up. and the levels of mis -appropriation of Public money are unbelievable. 1000 crores in NC hills of Assam, 2G scam(cannot write the figure.cannot imagine that people manage to have that amount of money) ,CWG scams, ISRO scams..Big Dam lobby..
And for us commoners we have one answer Anna Hazare!!...and for that matter our very own "Akhil Gogoi".I very much appreciate the efforts they have made..mobilised the people ..educated them against  corrupt people, used up to date electronic and other mass media effectively ( including my fav Facebook) ..and finally showing us some good hopes. They have been outstanding people and I am sure they don't have any  other intentions but to free us from the corrupted administration . I may sound little sarcastic in saying that but honestly, I stopped believing in mass movements. Being from this part of the world, I did saw quite a few movements, and have been a part of a few,( one of them is a strike to remove our principal at AEC,  and other one "The illustrated Axomiyar Astwitwa Rokhyar Xongram".) And I have seen what these movements has given us. I will have to wait for sometime to see if  Movements  Hazares & Gogois against corruption